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though the first Amazon review is five stars, a more quotable comment comes from L.Hill (aka deceit me not) who wrote this at BIN on 10/16/14: "I have read both of your books and I am still having to re-read and look up information. You have provided so much with resources and references its wonderful. Awesome information and it really seems to fit together. Thanks for your hard work and dedication to the subject."

There are plenty of great 5 star reviews on Amazon now, but here is another you won't see (written in the comments on another site):

"You read David’s book in one sitting!!! – crickey, my mind would have exploded trying to take it all in. It’s an incredible piece of work, this together with End Times and 2019, is so full of what sounds like credible information, making David’s ideas very compelling, as scary as they might be.

If you are interested at all in the End Times or the Antichrist you must add these books to your library. I am not a Christian as such, but am very intrigued as to how all that’s in the Bible concerning hidden prophecy might be turning out. And David has certainly given me much to think about.

I see David possibly as the ultimate detective – or the greatest riddle-solver. He has taken upon himself an extreme challenge, and with the help of God has sought to crack the Hidden Code.

Are the End Times and the Antichrist real? Are we in the final days? Who only knows but God himself. And perhaps God is now showing certain people a preview of what’s to come.

If you are interested in a plausible, well documented and well written captivating and scary account of what might befall us all, read David’s books.

It is really quite thrilling how he’s pieced it all together. His books draw upon a wealth of insightful ideas revealed from various scholars together with his own rational and well thought out deductions and conclusions, bringing together possibly some of the greatest insights that suggest a ‘Completion’ of the world as we know it, and a completion of the Bible through to Revelation, and a completion of a lot of the wrongness that plagues us all.

His books are definitely a five star mind-expanding read, you won’t be disappointed or feel you’ve wasted your money – that’s for sure! Thank you David."